About Jenny

Female, Age range 20s - 30s, Non-Union

Jenny is a classicaly trained actress, singer, and voice actress.

She started her voice over career in 2007 recording for BBC America Audiobooks, and since then, she has continued recording everything from young adult fiction to technical corporate e-learning.

Voice Notes

Jenny reads with a naturally warm, youthful voice that is conversational, confident, and trustworthy, making any recording she does not just something her clients will hear, but something they will wish to listen to as well.

Personal Studio

Jenny can record on location and/or in collaboration with your studio teams and studio service providers, but she also has a personal studio from which she can render complete voice solutions including basic voice production services.

Contact and Pricing

Voiceover pricing varies by the nature of the work in question, but Jenny is always competitive and willing to work towards the best outcome possible.

Please contact her at:  


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